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If you are wondering about the name of the house, it is in the memory of Mister Alipio de la Vega, paternal grandfather of the one speaking to you. Alipio, as many others in this Asturian land, luxuriant in vegetation but poor in opportunities, was an emigrant to Cuba at the end of the XIX th century, to later come back to his home village, Caldueño, where he settled down with Mrs. Maria de las Nieves, his wife, and their five children.

The picture shows us, two of Alipios descendants, his son and his grand-son, both named Roger and current owners of the house.

If you want more information about the emigration phenomenon in Asturias we recommend you to visit the Emigration Museum www.archivodeindianos.es (Spanish), placed in the beautiful village of Colombres, an emigration town, where it is easy to note the influence it had on the architecture.



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